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Online Options for Bay Area Students

Not all local residents have the ability to attend conventional campus classes due to either having a full-time job or personal responsibilities such as taking care of children. Fortunately, more colleges and schools are offering an expanded list of online class options each new semester.

For example, you can enroll in business courses offered by a school half-way across the country or you could take some courses online while attending one or two at your local campus. Some business classes, such as management and workplace training, are harder to teach online. You can find these types of classes at your local college.

Photography is one of those areas that always has a certain amount of interested students. The photography career field is crowded, however, and there is plenty of competition in most areas of professional photography, so getting as much training as you can get to prepare for it beforehand is a sound plan. Find out about enrolling in photography classes.

And just because a college isn't located in San Francisco doesn't mean that you can't enroll in classes there. You can apply to schools up in Oregon or Washington or any other state.

You can also consider attending college outside of the United States. While this may seem like an extreme move, Canada has some good universities you could consider.

Extra education recommendations to look for coursework in career choices that include interior design, teaching, healthcare and management.
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