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Students around the Bay Area have educational options beyond the big universities such as University of San Francisco. Use our school search tool to see some of these options:

Some of today's best careers are in computers and technology. These jobs can vary from intense computer science work to lighter call-center computer technical support. You can explore some of these different education options.

The broad field of criminal justice attracts a lot of interest these days. Criminal justice careers can range from federal law enforcement agencies to private security companies to local district attorney and law firm offices. Learn more about criminal justice degrees and careers.

There are local trade schools in the Bay Area as well. These trade schools are set up to train students to be able to move into a new career fast. Possible jobs include electrician, plumber, furnace repair and car repair. Learn about auto repair classes and programs.

Students with art ability are often drawn to any career where they can use their art skills. Graphic design is one such career field. Graphic designers use their artistic ability, software skills and creativity to develop design work for businesses and organizations. Check out some programs in graphic arts.

Business is still a top field of study as well. There are several different areas of business that students can concentrate in -- finance, marketing, accounting or human resources management. You can put in a few minutes and see if business might be the way to go for you.

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