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Schools for San Francisco High School Graduates

As you graduate from high school, you have so many different education options. You can attend a local university, specialty school, trade school or community college; you can move away to attend college in another city; or you can enroll at an online school.

Most students will enroll at a four-year degree-granting college either in their town or located somewhere else. Earning a bachelor's degree is the right step for most of these students. A bachelor's degree may be either the first and last degree they ever earn, or, depending upon their field of study, it could be just their first. Learn more about earning a bachelor's degree.

If you aren't sure yet what college major you will be enrolling in, you may want to consider web design. Depending upon your interests and skills, the web design field has careers for people who have strong coding and development skills, or for others who don't have a such a strong technology background, but instead are knowledgable about design, marketing and web visitor behavior. Consider this major if it sounds like you would fit in with it.

Lots of students want to get out of town and go to college away from their home. These students are often looking for that rich college experience that many student go through.

While many students will stay in California or attend school on the upper east coast, some students are interested in attending college where the weather is warm all year long. Some students want to go to college at a Southeast school, usually in Florida where their are plenty of things to do after class. Others want to stay in California, but just move south a bit so they don't have to wear a sweatshirt everyday. An LA college might work out.

You could go a little bit further and attend college in Nevada. You can still have warm southwest climate, as long as you can afford the out-of-state student tuition rates.

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